Coues Deer Hunting Update

Our 2016/2017 coues deer hunting season has been another great one here at El Grande Outfitters in Chihuahua, Mexico. We've had a lot of great memories and seen some truly incredible bucks. A big thanks goes to our hunters who have hunted with us this season. It has been a pleasure having the opportunity to hunt with each of you. 

2017 Coues Deer Scoring 122 3/8"

With good moisture throughout the year, our ranches are in excellent shape and numbers of coues deer are as high as they've been in recent years. There has been an abundance of grass and feed for wildlife. This presents its own challenges, as it allows game to spread out more than they do in dry years. But we will gladly accept those challenges in return for a population that's healthy and growing. Trophy quality seems to be at its best. Right now are the good old days of coues deer hunting! 

We hunt several large, historic ranches in the mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico. These ranches offer an incredible amount of habitat and sanctuary for coues deer, mule deer and aoudad. And it's totally free range. The rugged mountains, canyons and hills of coues deer country here in Mexico provide the backdrop for an ideal, spot-and-stalk coues deer hunting experience. 

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