The New World Record Non-Typical Gould’s Turkey

It’s official! We are very proud to announce that a tom taken in 2016 here at El Grande Outfitters is now the new SCI World Record non-typical Gould’s Turkey. Taken with a bow and arrow, the tom ranks first for method of take and first overall. We are thrilled!

Congratulations to our hunter, Mr. Ruy Guadiana Sr. on his world record Gould’s Turkey! The tom’s official score is 54 14/16”. The bird weighed an impressive 22lbs 8oz and carried four beards, the longest measurement being 22 8/16”.

We are fortunate to hunt some of the largest and most historic ranches in the rugged mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico. This country provides perfect habitat for Gould’s turkey. These birds get big and there are plenty of them. Of course we are biased, but we believe it to be some of the best spring turkey hunting anywhere!

For more information on our spring turkey hunts, check out our Gould’s Turkey Hunts Page. For specifics and availability, please contact us