Looking Back at Our Recent Aoudad Hunts

It's summertime but before we know it, we will be starting the 2017 fall hunting season. One of the things we love about hunting aoudad in Mexico, is that we can hunt them year-round. As an exotic species, we're not restricted to regular big game season. So many of our aoudad hunters choose to visit us between November and March, when the weather is cool and when many other hunting seasons in North America have ended. 

Over the last year we've had a great time on all of our aoudad hunts. These hunts are exciting and take place in extremely scenic country. They are also challenging and full of surprises! There is certainly a growing interest in aoudad hunts because of their affordability and their availability at a time of year when there's not much else to hunt. It truly is a mountain sheep hunting experience at a very affordable cost. 

For more information about our aoudad hunts, please visit our Aoudad Hunting Page and take a look at the Photo Gallery

We're already booking dates for next season, so please contact us for specifics and availability as soon as possible. And please note that we offer a special combo hunt with both coues deer and aoudad. This makes a unique and memorable Mexico hunting adventure! 

Happy hunting this season!