Coues Deer Hunting With Zac Griffith

The 2017/2018 Coues deer hunting season has been awesome here in Chihuahua, Mexico. We've had an outstanding time with each of our clients hunting one of North America's premier desert trophies. It never gets old chasing these elusive Coues deer bucks - ask anyone who's done it and they'll tell you just how addicting it is! 

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A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting Zac and Rocky Griffith for a Coues deer hunt. While their trip was cut short and they were only to able to hunt for two days, we still put them on some nice bucks, and Zack ended up taking this great Coues at the end of the hunt. 

Zac made the following comments on his Instagram account at @zacgriffith_com: 

"Mexico was so much fun! @rocky_griffith and I had only two days down here due to family circumstances but we had an awesome trip and experience with @elgrandeoutfittersmx #Chihuahua was unreal Coues Country. Nothing like I expected! Junipers, cedars, manzanilla and big ol Machos! I missed a stud yesterday (video to come)... I missed a stud yesterday (video to come) but was able to knock down this little troll right before we wrapped the trip up. We are definitely coming back! Thanks again to Leo and Dimitri for the hospitality and laughs!"

Thanks to Zac for the kind words and the recommendation! We look forward to hunting with the Griffiths again next season! Zac went on to say: 

"Amazing #CouesCountry and the ranch and accommodations were autentico as hell! #Chihuahua is beautiful, SAFE and we are already booked for 2019!! We just plan on staying longer than two days!!" 

Check out Zac's video here: 

There's no doubt that Coues deer hunting is terribly addicting. There's something incredibly special about these deer and we feel fortuate we have the opportunity to run these hunts in some of northern Mexico's most beautiful mountain country. 

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